Joyce Muniz and Renato Cohen collaborate on ‘No Haters’

Joyce Muniz and Renato Cohen collaborate on ‘No Haters’

Now available via Permanent Vacation label.

Photo Credit: Joyce Muniz – Website

In a first-time collaboration, Sao Paulo’s dynamic duo, Joyce Muniz and Renato Cohen, have joined forces for their newly released single, ‘No Haters’, under the label Permanent Vacation.

Fresh from her 2023 tour, Muniz celebrated her album ‘Zeitkapsel’ with an orchestral performance featuring over eighty musicians. Inspired by this experience, she returned to the studio with renewed energy.

Her friend and fellow artist, Renato Cohen, collaborated with her to create a hypnotic track inspired by Italo music. With its strong 80’s bass and hi-hats, the track instantly captures attention. The Italo bassline takes over as vocals and synth layers build a crescendo.

Regarding the track’s title, Muniz explains, “We called the track ‘No Haters’ because of the strange energy around the world currently. We need less hate. Renato and I are both positive music lovers. The only way we can bring these positive vibes to the people is through our music. ‘No Haters’ should definitely bring some positive energy to the floor!”

Cohen shares this sentiment, stating, “We’ve known each other for a long time, always with mutual admiration for each other’s work. In recent years, our music has been getting closer, making now the perfect time for us to collaborate on a track together.”

Listen to ‘No Haters’ below and get your copy here.

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