Jullian Gomes shares latest album ‘Bruno & The Birds’

Jullian Gomes shares latest album ‘Bruno & The Birds’

Now available via World Without End.

Photo credit: Zander Opperman

Jullian Gomes has recently released his latest album titled ‘Bruno & The Birds.’ The LP is now available under the World Without End label.

‘Bruno & The Birds’ delves into internal struggles and the bravery required to break free. Jullian Gomes tells a story centered around the character of Bruno, symbolizing inner conflicts. The songs capture personal obstacles and uncertainties, resonating with universal themes of self-doubt, fear, and personal growth.

The album presents a captivating blend of soundscapes and diverse musical influences, fusing electronic soul and jazz. Collaborations with talented artists bring unique touches to this emotionally stirring album.

Listen to ‘Bruno & The Birds’ below and download your copy here.

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