Justice shares new track ‘Incognito’ from the upcoming album ‘Hyperdrama’

Justice shares new track ‘Incognito’ from the upcoming album ‘Hyperdrama’

Following previously released singles ‘One Night/All Night,’ and ‘Generator’.

French electronic music duo, Justice, has released a new track titled ‘Incognito.’ This track provides a sneak peek into their anticipated upcoming album, ‘Hyperdrama’, due for release on April 26th, 2024 via Ed Banger Records/Because Music.

‘Incognito’ begins with a cinematic tone and unexpectedly transitions into a synth-driven journey, embodying an element of surprise, which is a recurring theme throughout the album. The Grammy-winning artists describe this track as a piece that abruptly alternates “from purely electronic to entirely human music, several times within its four-minute duration.”

Regarding their creative process for ‘Hyperdrama’, Justice shared that they had to let go of their pre-existing notions about music and songwriting. This ‘unlearning’ process was invigorating for them.

Listen to ‘Incognito’ below and download your copy here.

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