Justice teases the release of their upcoming album

Justice teases the release of their upcoming album

The duo has shared a 30-second audio clip on Instagram.

Photo credit: Justice – Facebook

French duo Justice recently shared a teaser for their upcoming album, scheduled for release in 2024.

On January 1st, they took to Instagram to unveil a 30-second audio clip, accompanied by a visually captivating pressure dial. The post, which wished fans a “Happy New Year,” has left fans eagerly anticipating what’s to come.

Since their debut with Cross in 2007, Justice has become renowned for their unique sound and performances. Following the success of their previous studio albums, including 2011’s ‘Audio, Video, Disco.’ and 2016’s ‘Woman’, the duo has kept fans intrigued with a range of singles, EPs, and the remix LP ‘Woman Worldwide’.

Listen to the audio clip below.

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