Keinemusik announces its biggest Los Angeles show to date

Keinemusik announces its biggest Los Angeles show to date

Featuring headline performances by Rampa, &ME, and Adam Port.

US promoters Framework is excited to announce its latest venture: Framework Presents Keinemusik. This event, in partnership with the German collective is scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 4th, 2024.

Headline performances by Rampa, &ME, and Adam Port will be the highlight of this show. It will be Keinemusik’s biggest show in Los Angeles so far, and attendees will have the chance to see the collective’s Peace Kloud inflatable for the first time in the city.

“Since 2016, Framework has wholeheartedly supported the individual projects of &ME, Adam Port, and Rampa, witnessing their remarkable growth and the unprecedented success of Keinemusik. We are thrilled to kickstart our post-Coachella Framework season by welcoming back the trio to Southern California and producing their groundbreaking 2024 Los Angeles show,” says Kobi Danan, Owner of Framework.

For more information and pre-sale registration visit this link.

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