Kendrick Lamar’s pgLang is Launching an African Touring Circuit With the Global Citizen Team

Kendrick Lamar’s pgLang is Launching an African Touring Circuit With the Global Citizen Team

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Kendrick Lamar‘s company pgLang is collaborating with Global Citizen to establish a groundbreaking touring circuit throughout Africa. pgLang has made a commitment to curate annual Move Afrika shows for the next five years, commencing with a headline performance by Lamar in Rwanda on December 6.

In a departure from the usual practice of major U.S. artists excluding Africa from their world tour itineraries, pgLang and Global Citizen are dedicated to building infrastructure that will enable African artists and global performers to tour the continent with the same convenience as they do in North America, Europe, and beyond.

The December concert is being viewed by Global Citizen as a pivotal step in the endeavor to create an infrastructure that can put Africa on par with other continents where major tours are a regular occurrence. pgLang’s commitment to curating annual “Move Afrika” shows over the next five years signifies a significant commitment to this initiative, with plans for expansion to include shows in neighboring countries by 2025.

Global Citizen’s co-founder and CEO, Hugh Evans, shared insights on the origin of Move Afrika and the expectations associated with this initiative, in which Kendrick Lamar and his company play a prominent role. “Global Citizen has had a longstanding presence on the continent since its inception,” says Evans, noting their involvement in significant events such as the celebration of Mandela’s 100th anniversary alongside artists like Beyonce and Jay Z in 2018, and more recent engagements in Nigeria and Ghana during the pandemic.

“As we have expanded our footprint across the continent,” Evans continues, “what’s always struck us is the absence of a mature touring circuit that connects North, South, East, and West Africa. That’s why we’ve launched Move Afrika, to achieve that within the next five years.”

Evans highlights Lamar’s history with Global Citizen, dating back to his performance at a Global Citizen Festival in 2016. “I recently discussed with Kendrick and the pgLang team. Whether it’s Kendrick, Dave Free, Anthony, or their entire team, they all share an immense passion for making touring across the entire continent as prolific as it is in Latin America, North America, Europe, Australasia, and other continents.”

pgLang’s involvement in this initiative is comprehensive, encompassing musical curation, artist selection, and creative aspects, including the visual and thematic elements of campaigns and global broadcasts. “They have truly become partners in this endeavor,” says Evans, expressing his confidence in Kendrick Lamar and pgLang’s role as curators for the initiative. “Kendrick has spent significant time on the continent and is deeply passionate about it. When they expressed their commitment to making their first performance on the continent part of Move Afrika, it was a tremendous honor for this initiative.”

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