Khadeeja Grace drops new single ‘SHED’

Khadeeja Grace drops new single ‘SHED’

Featuring SaraProblem.

Photo credit: Khadeeja Grace – Facebook

Chicago-based artist Khadeeja Grace has recently released her latest single entitled  ‘SHED’ via  Grace Galaxy. The new cut features renowned producer, digital creator, and 2D artist, SaraProblem.

‘SHED’ incorporates elements of deep, jazzy house, neo-soul, R&B, and downtempo. It serves as a teaser for Khadeeja Grace’s upcoming EP, titled ‘Khadeeja The Grace,’ which is set to be released in late November or early December 2023. The EP will include various remixes, including one by esteemed composer, producer, and engineer Mikey Main, who boasts over 15 years of experience in the music entertainment industry.

Drawing inspiration from legends such as Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Earth Wind & Fire, and Roy Ayers, Khadeeja Grace showcases the rich musical culture of Chicago. Her unique style, often referred to as ‘neo house,’ seamlessly blends neo-soul, R&B, jazz, gospel, and house music. Through heartfelt lyrics, soulful sounds, and captivating rhythms, she reflects the passion and essence of her hometown.

Listen to ‘SHED’ below and download your copy here.

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