Klaus Benedek pays tribute to the autumn season with ‘Tombstone’

Klaus Benedek pays tribute to the autumn season with ‘Tombstone’

Featuring a Siggatunez remix.

Photo credit: Klaus Benedek – Facebook

Vienna-based artist Klaus Benedek returns to his own record label, Fortunea Records, with his latest release entitled ‘Tombstone’.

The track serves as a haunting tribute to the autumn season, capturing the mixed emotions of bidding farewell to warm and sunny days. Despite its dark and mysterious theme, ‘Tombstone’ takes listeners on a  journey, blending thoughtful optimism with its catchy hook line and delicate bassline.

Berlin-based artist and Tieffrequent founder Siggatunez demonstrates his versatility and creativity with his remix. With meticulous attention to detail, he crafts a dancefloor-ready track that effortlessly combines his signature beats and groove with the soulful essence of the original.

Listen to ‘Tombstone’ below and grab your copy here.

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