L2O and Thvndex link up for ‘Touch You’

L2O and Thvndex link up for ‘Touch You’

Now available via Soave Dusk

L2O and Thvndex  have teamed up for their latest collaboration, ‘Touch You’. By bringing together their talents and shared passion for tech house, both artists have created a track that highlights their artistic abilities, characterized by their emotional depth and infectious energy.

Thvndex, also known as Jesus Rafael Leon Ruiz, is a Spanish producer who embarked on his electronic music journey at the age of 14. He specializes in house music and has gained recognition from prominent labels worldwide, including Spinnin’ Records, ToolRoom, and Revealed Recordings.

Leo, also known as L2O, is a young French DJ who started mixing at 12. He performs at around 80 events per year in Alsace, including Foire aux Vins de Colmar, Cuvée Givrée, Festival Clair de Nuit de Barr, and Foire Européenne de Strasbourg. L2O is also an active producer, having released 11 singles in 2023 on labels like Ruva House Records, Soave Dusk Records, No Definition Records, Seal Network, Dreamer’s Island, and Deep Argentina.

Listen to ‘Touch You’ below and grab your copy here.

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