Lady Donli unleashes brand new album ‘Pan African Rockstar’

Lady Donli unleashes brand new album ‘Pan African Rockstar’

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Lady Donli released her second album, Pan African Rockstar, today. Known for her ability to seamlessly blend elements of R&B, Afrobeats, and alt jazz with her rich vocals, Lady Donli has emerged as one of the most captivating Alté artists globally.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of cross-cultural influences and eras, Lady Donli’s music strikes a balance between soulful vocals and Pan-African themes. Her unique sound weaves together various genres, resulting in music that is rich, innovative, and authentic.

Fresh from the success of her recent single “My Ability,” the twenty-six-year-old singer, songwriter, composer, and producer is ready to unveil her latest project, Pan African Rockstar. This twelve-track album showcases a newfound raw energy and boldness, exploring genres such as soul, Afro-fusion, and jazz.

From the melodious notes of the title track “Pan African Rockstar” to the lyrical depth of “My Ability” and the jazzy vibes of “Comme Ci Comme Ca,” the album exemplifies Lady Donli’s ability to craft soundscapes that resonate with the growing Alte culture and nuance. Collaborations with heavyweight stars like Obongjayar and Kah-Lo further elevate the album’s appeal.

Lady Donli herself describes the project as a testament to her resilience, stating, “It took me four years to release this album, not because I didn’t want to, but because I couldn’t. So many circumstances prevented its release, and now I’m finally here. This album is truly, for me, a testament of resistance. It’s my journey towards finding confidence; it’s fun, it’s braggadocious, and it’s real. It’s me finally saying how I feel, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a confidence booster for myself, and I hope other people can listen and feel the same way too.”

As a proud member of Nigeria’s Alté community, Lady Donli’s lyrics serve as a call to action, addressing issues of injustice, inequality, and social ills, inspiring listeners to envision a better world.

A true creative force, Lady Donli oversees every aspect of her artistic output, from production to vocals and art direction. Since her breakthrough project “Enjoy Your Life,” her music has received widespread support, with features on BBC RADIO 1, NTS, while her Spotify playlists continue to gain popularity. Notably, Lady Donli also produced the live music sessions for the Oscar-winning film “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” alongside Ludwig Gorawnson.

Pan African Rockstar

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