Lee Foss collabs with Skonka & TheConnect on ‘Worship Technology’

Lee Foss collabs with Skonka & TheConnect on ‘Worship Technology’

The single is now available through Repopulate Mars.

Photo credit: Lee Foss – Official

DJ, producer, and label head Lee Foss makes his return to Repopulate Mars with his first release of 2024, as he collaborates with LA-based producers and RPM label favorites Skonka and TheConnect for their hit track, ‘Worship Technology’.

This underground house cut showcases Lee Foss’  style and incorporates his gritty rap phrases. The lyrics portray a dystopian world, revealing a different aspect of the artist’s authenticity. The track embraces groove-led rhythms and incorporates classic vocal drops, blending the foundational elements of house music with a futuristic touch from their synth work.

Listen to Lee Foss ft. Skonka & TheConnect’s ‘Worship Technology’ below and download your copy here.

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