Listen to Amonita’s new All Day I Dream release, ‘Rainbow’

Listen to Amonita’s new All Day I Dream release, ‘Rainbow’

It’s the label’s first EP of the year.

All Day I Dream just unveiled their latest musical offering, ‘Rainbow,’ by  Russian DJ and producer Amonita, featuring three new original tracks.

The release showcases the artist’s emotions, growth, and artistry, kicking off with the title track, ‘Rainbow’ boasting uplifting and spirited sounds. Following suit is ‘Amulet’, evoking imagery of desert landscapes and the Middle East, much like ‘Moon Dust’, the last track.

“No matter how difficult your path through storms and thunder is, after that you will see a rainbow!” she additionally commented.

Amonita joined the imprint’s ranks in April 2019 with ‘Secret of Happiness’. Since her arrival to the brand, where she has released two additional EPs and participated in two VA compilations, the artist has consistently elevated the imprint’s catalog, alluring audiences at its parties across the globe and solidifying her pivotal role within All Day I Dream’s musical endeavors.

Listen and download ‘Rainbow’ here

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