Listen to Bastian Bux’s latest Hottrax release, ‘Dunns’

Listen to Bastian Bux’s latest Hottrax release, ‘Dunns’

Featuring a collaboration with Daniel Orpi.

Hailing from Barcelona,  DJ & producer Bastian Bux just released his new three-track EP entitled  ‘Dunns,’ via the Jamie Jones label Hottrax.

The package starts with ‘Dunns’ that kicks off with tight, clipped tech house drums and chopped-up vocal stabs. ‘Dat Beat’ offers house grooves and twisted synths spraying about the mix that throw in more well-treated vocal fragments and a fat bassline. Completing the release is ‘Howyalldoin’, a more playful cut with a sun-kissed vibe thanks to its soulful male vocals and funky bass riffs.

The new musical offering follows a series of releases on other notable labels including his own, NEVERENDZ, and others such as Edible, Elrow Music, Issues, and Tamango Records. Also, he has been worldwide touring including stops in cities like Los Angeles and Sydney.

Listen to the ‘Dunns’ EP  below and download your copy here.

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