Listen to Boozoo Bajou’s fifth studio album ‘Finistère’

Listen to Boozoo Bajou’s fifth studio album ‘Finistère’

Out now via Pilotton.

Photo credit: Boozoo Bajou – Official

Nuremberg-based band Boozoo Bajou has just released their fifth studio album  entitled ‘Finistère.’ This LP brings them back to their roots, reminiscent of their debut album ‘Satta’ which came out in 2001.

The new musical material features a blend of soul, dub, jazz, Latin, and blues vibes, with 12 tracks that highlight the duo’s unique style. Noteworthy collaborations on the album include vocals by Steve Spacek and Jules, as well as contributions from co-producers Fürsattl and MODALiST.

Listen to Boozoo Bajou’s ‘Finistère’ below and download your copy here.

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