Listen to Callecat’s new album ‘Symbiosis’

Listen to Callecat’s new album ‘Symbiosis’

Featuring collaborations with Gustin, Bodai, Juliane Wolf, Nick Varon, and more.

Photo credit: Callecat – Official

Dutch music producers, Koen and Gijs, known as Callecat, have just released their latest album, ‘Symbiosis,’ under the Manual Music label.

The LP opens with ‘The Intro’ and segues into ‘Embracing Nature’, a Balearic-inspired collaboration with Gustin. Other tracks such as ‘The Balance of Being’ with Bodai, ‘Journey of Species’ featuring Juliane Wolf, and ‘Beyond Perceptions’ with Nick Varon enhance the album’s appeal.

Additional highlights include ‘Infinite Enclosure’ featuring Hobin Rude, ‘Unified Formulas’ with Meeting Molly, ‘Recurring Phases’ showcasing Not Demure, and ‘State of Mind’ featuring Paul Hazendonk. Tracks like ‘The Wash’ and ‘Mutual Horizons’ with Fabri Lopez add complexity, while ‘Interconnecting Echoes’ features Forty Cats’ melodic style.

The album also includes a collaboration with Around Us on ‘In Unity We Thrive’. It concludes with ‘The Outro’, beckoning listeners to revisit the musical journey.

Callecat believes that creating and experiencing music becomes more special when it involves others. This belief inspired them to produce the album in symbiosis: “the interaction between two or more different organisms, to the advantage of both”

Listen to ‘Symbiosis’ below and download your copy here.

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