Listen to CAMELPHAT’s debut VA ‘Constellation Series Vol 1’

Listen to CAMELPHAT’s debut VA ‘Constellation Series Vol 1’

Now available through When Stars Align.

Photo credit: When Stars Align – Official

CAMELPHAT, the well-known electronic music duo, has recently released their anticipated debut VA titled ‘Constellation Series Vol 1.’ This compilation is now available on their own label, When Stars Align

‘Constellation Series Vol 1’ takes listeners on a cosmic journey with captivating tracks crafted by talented artists Grigoré, Jozef K, and MotherEarth. Each artist contributes their unique artistic vision to the compilation, showcasing the diverse range of talent. From enchanting melodies to pulsating beats, this compilation offers a captivating musical experience.

The release of this compilation marks a significant milestone for CAMELPHAT’s rapidly growing label. These previously unreleased records were showcased during their performances at Ultra Miami 2023, Printworks London, and their headline show at Brooklyn Navy Yard throughout the year.

Listen to ‘Constellation Series Vol 1’ below and grab your copy here.

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