Listen to Danvers’ solo EP, ‘Distant Recalls’

Listen to Danvers’ solo EP, ‘Distant Recalls’

Now available via SlothBoogie Records.

Photo Credit: Danvers – Facebook

Danvers, one half of the UK duo Kassian, steps into the solo spotlight with his newly released four-track electronic breaks EP, ‘ Distant Recalls,’ now available through SlothBoogie Records.

Each track in the package leaves a distinct impression, showcasing Danvers‘ talent. ‘Angel Break’ provides a euphoric experience with a fluid edge, while ‘YOU&ME’ stands out as a potent composition. ‘Heat’ emits a deep acid warmth, and the ambient ‘Distant Recalls’ further accentuates Danvers’ style.

The EP concludes with a track from Juliet Mendoza. She reinterprets ‘YOU&ME’ into a pulsating 4/4 beat, perfect for when late-night strobe lights illuminate the dance floor.

Listen to ‘Distant Recalls’ below and download your copy here.

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