Listen to Dave Seaman & Quivver’s new Balance compilation

Listen to Dave Seaman & Quivver’s new Balance compilation

Featuring tracks by Einmusik, Robert Babicz, Timo Maas, and more.

Following the acclaimed 2023 sessions by Henry Saiz and Tim Green, Balance enlisted Dave Seaman and Quivver to craft their upcoming mix compilation.

‘Balance Presents Dave Seaman & Quivver’ sees the duo traverse the music landscape, utilizing their extensive network of producer associates. What sets this compilation apart is that each track is exclusive to this album, with no prior releases. Demonstrating their combined expertise, Seaman and Quivver have also included five exclusive co-productions.

The compilation’s highlight is the lead single, ‘Make This Disappear’, featuring Quivver and Dave Seaman. It also includes a new remix of Underworld’s ‘Low Burn’ by Seaman and exclusive tracks from leading producers like Einmusik, Robert Babicz, Gai Barone, Dee Montero, Timo Maas, and Just Her.

Quivver underlines the project’s unique nature, stating, “With DJ Mixes two-a-penny these days online, we really wanted to create something special that would stand out from the crowd and stand the test of time.”

Echoing this, Dave Seaman added, “Much of modern music culture is so disposable in today’s digital era, so when we were offered the opportunity to hark back to the halcyon days of the mix compilation and make an album as a physical product again, we jumped at the chance. The Balance Mix series is one of the most respected out there, so it’s an honour to become part of their 20-year history. It was a true labour of love which we hope comes across when you press play.”

Listen to ‘Balance Presents Dave Seaman & Quivver’ below and download your copy here.

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