Listen to Don Gog’s debut EP ‘Cybernetics’

Listen to Don Gog’s debut EP ‘Cybernetics’

A cinematic mix of trip-hop, jazz, and electronica.

Don Gog, the enigmatic artist and producer from Sweden, recently released his debut EP entitled ‘Cybernetics’ via Barbacka Sthlm.

‘Cybernetics’ by Don Gog is a cinematic journey that blends trip-hop, jazz, and electronica. This expansive soundscape reveals the artist’s  ability to mix traditional instruments with electronics, creating a futuristic, immersive fusion of humanity and technology.

The 4-track EP features collaborations with  UMA E,  and Jasper Redd, and takes inspiration from acts like Massive Attack, Portishead,  and Aphex Twin.

Don Gog is known for integrating music and visuals. His work includes collaborations with Swedish, French, and American artists. In addition to music, he has contributed to Performance Art, TV, and film, earning recognition at international film festivals.

Listen to ‘Cybernetics’ here.

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