Listen to EG Records’ ‘Revelations, Vol. 13’ compilation

Listen to EG Records’ ‘Revelations, Vol. 13’ compilation

Featuring Ricky Ryan, Big AL, Deep Active Sound, Moe Turk, Rory, Freedo Mosho, and Kaspar Tasane.

Electronic Groove Records (EGR) is thrilled to announce the latest addition to its highly acclaimed ‘Revelations’ VA series. In its 13th edition,  the label presents three exceptional tracks carefully selected from their cherished collection.

The journey begins with Ricky Ryan’s Edit of ‘Tactics’ by Big AL, Deep Active Sound, and Moe Turk. Ricky Ryan skillfully blends captivating tones with steady beats, creating an atmosphere filled with anticipation. The track takes an exhilarating turn as an irresistible bassline emerges, infusing the music with a touch of old-school flair.

Next, Freedo Mosho presents his unique interpretation of Rory’s ‘Nothing Is Trivial’. With impeccable precision, Freedo Mosho combines syncopated percussive patterns, guiding us into unexplored musical territory.

For the grand finale, Kaspar Tasane and Freedo Mosho join forces in ‘Directional Bias’. This collaboration effortlessly blends raw elements with delicate touches. The duo delivers powerful beats, resonating melodies, and deep stabs that ignite dancefloors around the globe.

Download ‘Various Artists – Revelations, Vol. 13’ here.

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