Listen to ‘g-town euphoria (luna)’ by Underworld and KETTAMA

Listen to ‘g-town euphoria (luna)’ by Underworld and KETTAMA

The single is now available through Smith Hyde Productions.

Photo from Underworld YouTube

Underworld and KETTAMA have teamed up to release their new single, ‘ g-town euphoria (luna)’. This collaboration adds a fresh spin to Underworld’s October single, ‘denver luna’, with KETTAMA adding his unique bass touch to the Welsh duo’s track.

The single is available in two versions: an immersive eight-minute-plus rendition and a concise three-minute edit. Both versions can now be downloaded via Smith Hyde Productions.

‘denver luna’ has become one of the standout songs in Underworld’s recent live shows, where they introduced a handful of new tracks, including ‘and the colour red’, ‘gene pool’, and ‘strawberry hotel’. The song also includes a captivating acappella version, showcasing the duo’s artistic versatility.

Listen to ‘g-town euphoria (luna)’ below and download your copy here.

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