Listen to GoldFish’s sixth studio album ‘If Summer Was A Sound’

Listen to GoldFish’s sixth studio album ‘If Summer Was A Sound’

Out now via Armada Music.

Photo credit:  GoldFish  – Official

San Diego-based electronic duo GoldFish has released their highly anticipated sixth studio album entitled ‘If Summer Was A Sound’.

Capturing the essence of the GoldFish experience, ‘If Summer Was A Sound’ combines uplifting chord progressions, playful samples, and energetic beats with skilled songwriting and production. Drawing inspiration from their passion for the ocean as avid surfers, the duo seamlessly blend their signature saxophone melodies, warm pianos, and natural acoustic elements with carefully crafted electronic beats.

GoldFish expressed their pride in the album, stating, “Today marks a significant milestone for us as artists and musicians. This album not only serves as a creative outlet for our love of creating and performing but also as a means to capture the essence of our influences and the places we hold dear – the beaches of San Diego or our homes in Cape Town, surrounded by our loved ones. Music has the incredible power to transport listeners to a cherished moment and place in their lives, and this album undoubtedly evokes the memories of a delightful, love-filled summer that can always be cherished with a smile.”

Listen to Goldfish’s ‘If Summer Was A Sound’ below and download your copy here.

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