Listen to Innellea’s debut album ‘The Belonging’

Listen to Innellea’s debut album ‘The Belonging’

Featuring collaborations with CamelPhat, Monolink, Flowdan, and more.

Photo credit: Kaj Lehner

Innellea has just released his debut album ‘The Belonging’. The record is part of a multi-media conceptual storytelling project and features collaborations with artists such as CamelPhat, Monolink, Flowdan, Karin Park, Juan Hansen, Braeve, and Jay Starr. ‘The Belonging’ is now available via Distorted Youth in collaboration with [PIAS] Électronique.

The standout track ‘Shelter’, which features CamelPhat & Monolink, represents a significant moment in this musical journey. Monolink’s vocals, filled with a sense of unity and hope, soar over a steady house beat layered with bass and synths. The song’s edgy vibe reflects past challenges, while its uplifting melody confirms the path toward a sense of belonging.

Innellea’s previous singles, including ‘Burning Out’ with Juan Hansen, ‘Silence’ feat. Maurice Kaar, ‘Forward Forever’ with Flowdan, and ‘There’s Another Me’ with Aparde, have received support from industry tastemakers such as Pete Tong, Sarah Story, BBC 6 Music, Kiss FM, Mixmag, DJ Mag, SLAM (NL), and Beat (DE).

Furthermore, Inellea is planning to go on a global live album tour. Tour dates and ticket information are available here.

Listen to ‘The Belonging’ below and download your copy here.

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