Listen to Joy Orbison’s new cut ‘flight fm’

Listen to Joy Orbison’s new cut ‘flight fm’

Now available via XL Recordings.

Photo credit: Joy Orbison – Facebook

Producer Joy Orbison  just released his new track entitled ‘flight fm’. The single is now available through XL Recordings.

‘flight fm’ delivers a dynamic experience with its powerful bassline and deep subs, guaranteed to make the dancefloor groove. Fans were given a sneak peek of the track when Joy Orbison shared a preview on Instagram, leaving them eagerly awaiting its official release after he played a snippet at Manchester’s Warehouse Project.

Written and recorded last summer in preparation for his performance at Lost Village, ‘flight fm’ made its official debut on the Airbase Stage, receiving a positive response from the crowd. Since then, the track has been gaining popularity in the club scene, receiving multiple plays from renowned DJs like Four Tet, Fred again.., and Skrillex during their recent Warehouse Project set.

In an Instagram post, Joy Orbison explained that the track’s name pays tribute to one of the pirate radio stations he used to listen to while growing up, as well as his mixed feelings about flying.

Listen to ‘flight fm’ below and grab your copy here.

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