Listen to Kónguló’s new single ‘The Water in Me’

Listen to Kónguló’s new single ‘The Water in Me’

Out now via marvaða.

Photo Credit: Kónguló – Official

Icelandic composer and artist, Kónguló, has recently released her new single entitled ‘The Water in Me’, also accompanied by a music video.

Following the success of  ‘Be Human’, which was featured in the Apple+ series, The Essex Serpent, the artist continues to captivate listeners with her unique blend of electronic and dark music.

‘The Water in Me’ is a cinematic piece that showcases Kónguló’s smooth vocals. The song starts with an intriguing, dark, growling bass that builds mystery and tension, gradually accompanied by delicate piano chords. The track then transitions into a powerful electronic pulse, enhanced by sci-fi-inspired synths, creating an impressive soundscape. The lyrics, written by artist/producer Neonme (Salka Valsdóttir), depict a state of mind characterized by self-sacrifice, hopelessness, and an overwhelming desire to give more than one is capable of. Water symbolizes energy and capacity, representing the subject’s endless pursuit of fulfillment.

Listen to ‘The Water in Me’ below and get your copy here.

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