Listen to Mahmut Orhan’s debut EG podcast

Listen to Mahmut Orhan’s debut EG podcast

Featuring artists such as Magic System, Francis Mercier, Tabia, Maz, and Maxi Meraki, among others.

Photo Credit: Mahmut Orhan – Official

Turkish DJ and producer, Mahmut Orhan, has released his latest mix, EG.980, now available for streaming on Electronic Groove’s Soundcloud and Mixcloud platforms.

In this eclectic mix, Orhan features a diverse group of artists including Magic System, Francis Mercier, Tabia, Maz, Maxi Meraki, Apache, Liva K, Aytekin & Idd Aziz, Moojo & Da Capo, Alex Wann, Space Motion, Sofiya Nzau, Nandu featuring Ida Corr, Ivory, Joris Voorn, Mees Salomé, Celine Cairo, Massano & Braev, Monnarsh, and Paul Brenning. The final track, ‘Cutting Ribbons,’ offers a sneak peek from his debut album, ‘Pangea’.

Born in 1993 in Bursa, Turkey, Mahmut Orhan is a self-taught musician in the electronic music scene. He gained recognition for his fusion of deep house, indie dance, and nu-disco. His career accelerated after collaborations with vocalizing firm 3-Adam and Turkish singer Sena Şener on ‘Feel’ in 2016.

Orhan’s discography reveals his artistic growth, with remixes of the Game of Thrones theme, and ‘Save Me’ featuring Romanian singer Eneli. He is a regular at major electronic music festivals, acclaimed for his intricate productions and energetic performances.

With over a decade in the industry, Orhan’s significant influence on the electronic music scene is reflected in his innovative body of work.

Listen to EG.980 Mahmut Orhan (MMW Special) and click here for more information.

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