Listen to Matt Benyayer’s latest track ‘VOLOS’

Listen to Matt Benyayer’s latest track ‘VOLOS’

Out now via his new own imprint BNYR.

Photo credit: Nigel Glasgow

London-based producer and DJ, Matt Benyayer, is starting a new phase in his music career with the release of his latest track entitled ‘VOLOS’.

Benyayer, a graduate of Central Saint Martins and a skilled music producer is now embarking on a solo journey using his own name. Drawing inspiration from his diverse heritage and musical influences, the artist’s upcoming music offers a remarkable sonic experience.

In 2020 Benyayer embarked on a transformative journey across Eastern Europe, finding inspiration in new surroundings and the music he encountered along the way. Reflecting on his time in the charming village of Makrinitsa, he created ‘VOLOS’, a track that combines relentless grooves with euphoric yet restrained tones.

‘VOLOS’ is accompanied by another single called ‘Run Generator’, demonstrating Benyayer’s newfound creative freedom. These two singles give a preview of his larger body of work, soon to be released on his new label, BNYR.

Listen to ‘VOLOS’ below and download your copy here.

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