Listen to Miss Monique’s new single ‘Veselka’

Listen to Miss Monique’s new single ‘Veselka’

Out now via Siona Records.

Photo credit: Miss Monique – Facebook

Ukrainian artist Miss Monique has recently presented her latest original production titled ‘Veselka,’ released on her label, Siona Records.

‘Veselka’ is a track characterized by deep, resonating drums and a powerful bassline. As the song progresses, layers of melody and synths build, culminating in Miss Monique’s signature big-room energy crescendos.

Reflecting on the significance of ‘Veselka,’ Miss Monique shares, “This track holds a special place in my heart as it was the last one I completed in my hometown, Kyiv, before having to leave due to the war. It embodies pure energy and positive vibes, reminding me of a bright moment of peaceful times.”

Listen to ‘Veselka’ below and get your copy here.

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