Listen to new ‘Baby Disco’ EP by Matisa

Listen to new ‘Baby Disco’ EP by Matisa

Featuring remixes from Chloé Robinson & DJ ADHD and Aldonna.

Photo Credit: Matisa – Official

Matisa has just released her latest EP titled ‘Baby Disco’, which includes remixes from Chloé Robinson & DJ ADHD, as well as Aldonna. The EP is now available through Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant label.

The track ‘Baby’ pays homage to the late 90s era, delivering a catchy and club-ready jam with a Eurodance vibe. On the other hand, ‘Disco’ is a blissful piano house banger, perfect for radiant and joyful dances.

The EP also features remixes from Chloé Robinson & DJ ADHD, who bring the sound of London to the mix. Known for their collaborations and mixes blending various genres, they add a bass-heavy and infectious club banger twist to ‘Baby’.

Completing the EP is Melbourne selector, producer, and remixer Aldonna. Her contribution to ‘Disco’ brings a thrilling groove, infusing Balearic heat and touches of acid-trance to the mix.

Regarding the ‘Baby Disco’ EP, , “The energy that fuels ‘Baby Disco’ emanates from the passion and excitement of my audience. It is this very energy that drives me to create and perform. Within each of us lies a powerful force that ignites when we engage in our passions. For me, that force is awakened when I am behind the booth, observing my audience move and groove to the beat of my music. ‘Baby Disco’ seeks to ignite that same energy in all who listen to it,” Matisa stated.

Listen to the ‘Baby Disco’ EP below and download your copy here.

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