Listen to Night Tales’ new single ‘Work It Out’ ft. Champion DI

Listen to Night Tales’ new single ‘Work It Out’ ft. Champion DI

Out now via EMPIRE.

Photo credit: Tim Stephens

Australian duo Night Tales has recently released their latest single titled ‘Work It Out’ ft. Champion DI, which is now available through EMPIRE.

‘Work It Out’ takes their synergy to new depths. Featuring the lyrical skills of UK rapper Champion DI, this track goes beyond the confines of a typical dance number, showcasing the power of innovative collaborations and genre-defying creativity.

With accolades from different media outlets, Night Tales has consistently delivered music that blends urban culture with electronic ambiance.

When asked about their new release, Night Tales stated, “Our goal has always been to push the boundaries of electronica, and with ‘Work It Out,’ we aim to offer our fans a unique sonic landscape that encompasses energetic beats and introspective rhythms, capturing the essence of Night Tales.”

Listen to ‘Work It Out’ below and get your copy here.

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