Listen to Ninshū’s new album, ‘Presence’

Listen to Ninshū’s new album, ‘Presence’

The LP consists of 12 tracks.

Georgian multi-instrumentalist, live act, and producer Ninshū just released his second studio album, ‘Presence’. The new record is already available via Italian imprint, Blessed Cross Records.

Just two years after the release of ‘Eri Madlieri’, Ninshū’s ‘Presence’ marks an evolution in the sound of the artist with a profound embrace of research, effort, passion, and sacrifice throughout 12  new original cuts.

“I think this album is more diverse by the genres, emotionally it’s more clear, direct, and honest, technically it sounds much better, also the BPM range of the tracks is wider, starting from 85 all the way to 148! So, in the ‘Presence’ album you’ll definitely hear more experiments, more groove, more synths, more lyrics, more guitar, more effects, more field recordings, a bit more Georgian flavor in some tracks, and more conceptual work around the main idea of the album.” explained Ninshū in conversation with EG.

Ninshū’s ‘Presence’ is out now via Blessed Cross Records. Purchase your copy here.

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