Listen to Oliver Koletzki’s 10th studio album ‘Trip to Sanity’

Listen to Oliver Koletzki’s 10th studio album ‘Trip to Sanity’

Out now via Stil vor Talent.

Photo credit: Oliver Koletzki – Facebook

Berlin-based artist Oliver Koletzki just released his 10th studio album titled ‘Trip to Sanity.’ The LP showcases 18 diverse tracks that highlight the  artist’s sound signature and his ability to find a balance between dancefloor focus and pop influences.

The album’s title, ‘Trip to Sanity,’ draws inspiration from the German children’s story of the little dragon, ‘Tabaluga,’ symbolizing Oliver’s journey as a DJ in the club culture world. He found inspiration from festivals such as Burning Man, Coachella, Garbicz, and Fusion, as well as moments of tranquility during meditative hikes and beach walks in Cape Town.

Oliver mainly composed ‘Trip to Sanity’ during the South African winter, refining the tracks in his studio at Kreuzberg’s Holzmarkt. Over the past 18 months, he collaborated with musicians like Fritz Kalkbrenner, Talmirage, Andhim, Hidden Empire, Oliver Klostermann, Niko Schwind, Natascha Polké, Malou, LOLY, and Marlena Dae to create a collection of intricate and diverse songs.

Oliver Koletzki will embark on the ‘Trip to Sanity’ live concert tour in Germany this winter. The tour will feature tracks from the new album as well as highlights from his previous work.

Oliver Koletzki’s ‘Trip to Sanity’ is available in 3x 12″ vinyl format here.

Listen to ‘Trip to Sanity’ below and download your copy here.

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