Listen to Sander Wilder’s new single ‘Infinite Hourglass’

Listen to Sander Wilder’s new single ‘Infinite Hourglass’

As part of White Soho’s ‘Winter Sampler (Two)’

Photo credit: Sander Wilder – Official

Sander Wilder  presents his latest track, ‘Infinite Hourglass’, under the White Soho label. This cut is included in the ‘Winter Sampler (Two)’ compilation, a dynamic sampler from White Soho featuring seven debut tracks from emerging talents.

‘Infinite Hourglass’ begins with a bold riser, leading to a rich melody filled with rhythmic bass lines, resonant synth leads, and textured pads. The composition develops, introducing a range of sonic elements that climax in a celestial breakdown, marked by euphoric vocals and engaging hooks.

Wilder’s regular hit singles and monthly show, ‘Global Feelings’, elevate his standing in the industry. The success of ‘Timewarp’ and ‘Infinite Hourglass’ showcase his creative versatility and commitment to immersive music.

Listen to ‘Infinite Hourglass’ below and download your copy here.

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