Listen to Spencer Brown’s new mixed album ‘Equanimity’

Listen to Spencer Brown’s new mixed album ‘Equanimity’

Including collaborations with Ezequiel Arias, QRIOn, Latrell, and more.

Photo credit:   Spencer Brown – Official

Spencer Brown has just released via Divine his latest mixed album entitled ‘Equanimity’, which includes collaborations with artists such as Ezequiel Arias, ilan Bluestone, Late Night Shri, Luttrell, POS (Paavo Siljamäki), QRION, and Wilt Claybourne. Also, Ladysmith Black Mambazo brings an exciting cultural element to the mix.

While working on ‘Equanimity,’ Spencer Brown faced personal challenges, including the global pandemic, a breakup, the loss of his grandmother, and publicly coming out as gay. These experiences, along with his battle with OCD, fueled the creation of this album.

“Equanimity’represents the biggest period of internal growth for my psyche and maturity. Like my last albums, I mixed this album into one continuous piece. The holistic form challenged me to add an extra layer of depth and creativity to my process, ensuring that everything flows into a cohesive body. In a world driven by short-form viral content, I’ve focused my last 4 years slightly shying away from the spotlight, making sure this body of work represents my authenticity. This album takes a slow-shutter snapshot of ongoing time: from pre-pandemic, to pandemic, to post-pandemic, and the lessons I’ve learned along the way,” he commented.

The mix represents Spencer Brown’s journey of learning to be okay when things are beyond his control. It captures his growth as an artist and takes listeners on a voyage through time, encapsulating experiences before, during, and after the pandemic.

Listen to ‘Equanimity ‘ below and download your copy here.

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