Listen to Victor Alc’s new afro house single ‘Sudamérica’

Listen to Victor Alc’s new afro house single ‘Sudamérica’

Now available via MoBlack Records.

Photo Credit: Victor Alc – Facebook

Brazilian artist, Victor Alc, recently released his latest track, ‘Sudamérica’. The single is currently available through MoBlack Records.

‘Sudamérica’ is an Afro house track that incorporates tribal elements, showcasing Victor’s innovative production skills. The song fuses Latin energy with reggaeton, creating a distinctive musical experience. It has climbed to 10th place on Beatport’s Afro house charts, and 58th on the Overall charts.

Victor Alc has had a significant influence on Brazilian Afro and organic house since 2019. With nearly half a million track streams, this music producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist has received support from prominent industry figures such as Adam Port, Apache, and Pablo Fierro. His blend of Afro house, organic, house styles, and Latin influences has earned recognition from artists like Nora En Pure and Vintage Culture.

Victor’s debut EP, ‘Remember’, launched in August 2023 and marked a successful entry into the music industry. His new single, ‘Sudamérica’, has been positively received by both MoBlack Records and the music collective, Keinemusik.

Listen to ‘Sudamérica’ below and download your copy here.

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