Listen to ‘YSD,’ Nic Fanciulli’s return to Hot Creations

Listen to ‘YSD,’ Nic Fanciulli’s return to Hot Creations

This is his first original material on the label, following his remix of Jamie Jones and Lee Foss’ famed ‘Benediction’.

Photo credit: Nic Fanciulli – Facebook

DJ and producer Nic Fanciulli marks his return to the Hot Creations label with his first EP entitled  ‘YSD.’

‘YSD’ draws inspiration from classic tunes, blending disco vibes with a raw house beat. It lures listeners with its broad basslines and thumping drum groove. ‘We R Bass’ maintains the energetic momentum, featuring strong kick drums, distorted vocal samples, and twisting synth patterns that morph into an enthralling sonic journey.

Fanciulli’s career boasts residencies at renowned venues like Ushuaïa and Space Ibiza, and he manages his own label, Saved Records.

Listen to ‘YSD’ below and download your copy here.

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