‘Loving You’ is Avi Sic’s new single

‘Loving You’ is Avi Sic’s new single

Out now via LIFTOFF Recordings.

Photo credit: Avi Sic – Facebook

Producer and DJ Avi Sic has released her latest track, ‘Loving You’, through LIFTOFF Recordings, the label co-founded by Disco Fries.

‘Loving You’ starts with a processed vocal, accompanied by a strong bassline and impactful rhythmic elements that create a captivating drive. The track takes listeners on a journey with its dynamic and layered beat, featuring breakdowns led by vocals, energetic synth risers, and impactful drops.

Having shared the stage with artists such as MAKJ, Matroda, Wuki, and Kaskade, Avi Sic continues to showcase her talents as both a live DJ and producer.

Listen to ‘Loving You’ below and download your copy here.

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