Lux & Hermetics team up on ‘Aurora’

Lux & Hermetics team up on ‘Aurora’

Now Available on Otherness Records.

Argentinean duo Lux & Hermetics recently presented their latest four-track EP entitled  ‘Aurora’. This follows their previous release, ‘Helios’, which is now available through Otherness Records.

‘Aurora’ begins with a track of the same name, designed to uplift spirits with warm chords, a broken beat, and a Balearic guitar layer. The vocal sample is taken from a 1960s music documentary. The second track, ‘Sentient’, takes listeners to Buenos Aires with its Latin rhythm and emotional guitar tremolos. The EP concludes with ‘I Need You Loved’, a club classic featuring piano chords and a UK garage beat.

Lucas Chaumont (Lux) and Santiago Nino (Hermetics) have been a duo for three years, their shared interests in philosophy, psychology, and spirituality shaping their sound. Their music aims to evoke a sense of wonder and mystery.

Conceived in Buenos Aires in the summer of 2023, ‘Aurora’ captures the essence of South American beach evenings. While ‘Helios’ provided sunset views, ‘Aurora’ offers stargazing experiences.

Listen to the ‘Aurora’ EP below and grab your copy here.

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