Mahmut Orhan shares new single featuring Tuana Yilmaz

Mahmut Orhan shares new single featuring Tuana Yilmaz

The single serves as a preview of his upcoming album ‘Pangea’.

Photo credit: Mahmut Orhan – Official

Turkish DJ/producer Mahmut Orhan recently released his latest single ‘Nighter’ as a sneak peek of his upcoming album ‘Pangea’, set to be released on March 22nd. The single ‘Nighter’ is now available through Ultra Records.

With the vocals of Tuana Yilmaz, Mahmut Orhan explores a wide range of energetic dance music styles in ‘Nighter,’ from the deep, resonant basslines to the shimmering, futuristic synths.

At the beginning of this year, Orhan embarked on an extensive global tour, covering destinations from Canada to Argentina, and from Central Europe to Saudi Arabia. He is scheduled to perform at various music festivals, including Coachella in the United States.

Listen to ‘Nighter’ below and download your copy here.

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