Maison Blanche debuts on Pont Neuf Records with ‘Food for Soul’ EP

Maison Blanche debuts on Pont Neuf Records with ‘Food for Soul’ EP

Featuring collaborations with Jim Prunier, Tour-Maubourg, and Cywil.

Photo credit: Maison Blanche – Facebook

Parisian DJ and producer Maison Blanche has released his highly anticipated EP titled ‘Food for Soul’ on Pont Neuf Records.

The EP showcases Maison Blanche’s diverse talent and musical versatility with a collection of various tracks.

The lead single, ‘Dexter On The Dancefloor,’ is a club-oriented track inspired by disco loops and energetic house edits from the ’90s and 2000s. ‘You’re Gonna Like It’ is a danceable and organic track that is perfect for golden hour moments. Maison Blanche collaborated with musician Jim Prunier, whose groovy guitar blends seamlessly with the overall housey vibe. ‘I Needed,’ a collaboration with Tour-Maubourg, is a deep track infused with soulful house influences from New York and Chicago. Closing the EP is ‘Do You Like Jazz,’ featuring producer Cywil. Maison Blanche and Cywil create a calming yet energetic atmosphere.

“I wanted to create a more organic EP than what I had produced before, in the vibe of deep, soulful, and classic house. It represents a part of my personality: joyful and energetic,” explains Maison Blanche.

Listen to ‘Food for Soul’ below and grab your copy here.

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