Malóne launches new label and event series WHYNOTUS

Malóne launches new label and event series WHYNOTUS

He also shared the debut single ‘444.’

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Malóne, the tech-house artist originally from Cuba and based in Miami, has recently announced the launch of his new label and event series called WHYNOTUS.

WHYNOTUS aims to curate a diverse lineup of artists that represent Malóne’s Latin American heritage and his belief in the power of dance music.

‘444’ showcases Malóne’s sound, characterized by pulsating rhythms and a fusion of elements. The track starts with a central drum pattern and a four-on-the-floor beat, gradually introducing a thumping kick drum. A lush synth chord melody and an intense riser join in, leading to a deep bass groove. Additional layers of percussion and vocal chops, accompanied by scintillating hi-hats, add depth and energy to the composition.

“As I continue to grow as an artist, I believe this is the perfect time to launch my new label/event series, WHYNOTUS. It will serve as a platform for me to express myself and showcase my artistic vision for the future. Moreover, it will be a space where I can sign exceptional music from talented artists around the world and foster an international community,” says Malone. “My new track ‘444’ sets the tone for WHYNOTUS. It captures the essence of the dancefloor, utilizing a catchy vocal and an irresistible groove that embodies the energy of the club during its peak hours”

Malóne’s launch party for WHYNOTUS at Jolene Miami on January 26th was a success, and fans can anticipate his upcoming Latin American tour, which includes performances at D-EDGE and Ame Laroc Festival 2024 in Brazil;  La Solar Festival 2024 in Colombia;  and EDC in Mexico.

Listen to ‘444’ below and get your copy here.

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