Manu P, Federico Rosa, and Andrea Rubolini share ‘El Padron’

Manu P, Federico Rosa, and Andrea Rubolini share ‘El Padron’

Now available through Material.

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Manu P, Federico Rosa, and Andrea Rubolini have teamed up to release their latest tech house oriented EP titled ‘El Padron’. This collection of tracks, released via Material, offers an energetic blend of groovy beats and funky sonic details.

The title track, ‘El Padron’, showcases a fusion of Manu P and Federico Rosa’s styles, resulting in a production infused with Latin American flavor. It begins with a melodic hook and a spoken vocal line, gradually building momentum as the driving beat and shuffled rhythmic elements come into play. Intricate guitar riffs add energy to the soundscape, while a vocal sample leads into a breakdown before the groovy beat returns.

The second track on the EP, ‘Flowers’, introduces fresh energy to the release as Manu P collaborates with Andrea Rubolini. This production is characterized by thumping beats, rhythmic guitar hooks, and bold vocal lines.

Listen to ‘El Padron’ below and get your copy here.

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