MarMar presents ‘Imposter’, a deep dive into imposter syndrome

MarMar presents ‘Imposter’, a deep dive into imposter syndrome

Featuring Becca Kruger’s voice and Robert Gillies’ penmanship.

Photo credit: MarMar – Official

American-French producer MarMar has presented his latest single entitled ‘Imposter’, featuring American artist Becca Kruger and Platinum Awarded Songwriter/Producer Robert Gillies.

This single previews the artist’s upcoming EP, ‘Feel Okay’, and joins the previously released singles ‘Call On You’, ‘Try (feat. LUUNG)’, and ‘Heart’.

The song ‘Imposter’ originated from a 2023 writing camp in a remote Vancouver forest, hosted by the independent electronic music label Seeking Blue. There, MarMar and Becca Kruger discussed their shared experience of ‘imposter syndrome’, laying the foundation for the new track.  Robert Gillies later joined them to develop this idea into the song.

MarMar explains that ‘Imposter’ is more than just a song – it’s an exploration of how the feeling of being an imposter can infiltrate our daily lives and relationships.

Listen to ‘Imposter’ below and download your copy here.

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