MELT festival reveals its 2024 lineup with Bonobo, DJ Koze, and more

MELT festival reveals its 2024 lineup with Bonobo, DJ Koze, and more

Now adding names such as Chase & Status, Overmono, Yussef Davies, Sampha, Romy, and many others.

Photo credit: Ben McQuaide

The  MELT Festival  in Germany has unveiled its final lineup. The event is scheduled to take place from July 11-13, 2024, at Ferropolis, Gräfenhainichen.

Adding to the initial group of artists such as  ANOTR, Bonobo, COBRAH, DJ Koze, Eartheater, Honey Dijon, Isabella Lovestory, James Blake, Romy, Skepta, Teleshop, X Club, JADA, and Sega Bodega, the event has added other renowned names such as  Chase & Status, Overmono,  Yussef Davies, Sampha, Romy, Sugababes, Jayda G, and emerging talents such as DJ Heartstring, Marlon Hoffstadt, Kenya Grace, No Guidance, and Pretty Girl.

In line with the festival’s goal to highlight new artists and provide a diverse auditory experience, the lineup includes emerging talents like Souly and Domiziana. Renowned electronic music experts DJ Python and Fadi Mohem will also perform, along with a variety of artists such as DJ Swagger, Program Jazz Busters, Elias, Error, H.i.T., and Lucy Dye.

Festival director Florian Czok has expressed his enthusiasm about this year’s lineup and the positive feedback from festival attendees. He says, “Looking at our complete lineup, we can present an incredible variety of exciting and versatile artists this year… We are really pleased that our new approach has been so positively received by the attendees!”

For tickets, additional information, and the full lineup, please visit the MELT Festival website here.

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