Mixcloud unveils new host tagging feature

Mixcloud unveils new host tagging feature

Allowing users to credit hosts or DJs for their uploads, promoting content sharing, and fostering community building.

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Mixcloud has introduced a new feature called Host Tagging, aiming to foster community and facilitate content sharing across profiles.

Host Tagging allows users to credit the host or DJ of the show or mix they upload. This feature acknowledges the work of show hosts and DJs by alerting their audience about new content and making it easier for hosts to redistribute the mix through their profiles.

Launched on March 19th, this feature is available for radio stations and curator profiles. To use it, these profiles must first invite a DJ or host to join their community, and then they can tag them to leverage the host’s network.

Host Tagging connects listeners across genres and improves discoverability on the platform. It also introduces a new layout and Hosts tab for radio and curator profiles, spotlighting their DJs and streamlining playlist curation.

Pro members of Mixcloud, serving as hosts, can now view statistics for the shows they are tagged in, giving insights into which shows and mixes are attracting the most attention.

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