Navigating the beats: Sydney Blu and Jenner’s musical bond and journey

Navigating the beats: Sydney Blu and Jenner’s musical bond and journey

Toronto-based DJs Sydney Blu and Jenner have made substantial contributions to the electronic music industry.

Sydney Blu launched her career in Toronto before moving to the US and Berlin. Her achievements stem from her touring experiences and her own label, Blu Music. In 2010, she began the Blu Party series, highlighting house artists. Her music has been showcased on labels such as Drumcode, Knee Deep in Sound, Katermukke, and Mau5trap. Her track ‘Give It Up For Me’ landed in Beatport’s top 10 hits, making her the first female electronic music producer to achieve this.

Jenner is a figure in Toronto’s underground house music scene with appearances at venues and events. Her international presence includes performances at platforms like Burning Man’s Mayan Warrior, Berlin’s KaterBlau, and New York’s Gospel. Her debut EP, ‘Release,’ in collaboration with Sydney Blu, confirms her industry presence and prepares for future collaborations.

EG had the chance to interview Sydney and Jenner about their projects, ventures, and upcoming releases. Their conversation, filled with insights on teamwork, the influence of social media on music promotion, and their future goals for the electronic music community, provides a detailed perspective of their artistic journeys.

EG: Hi Sydney and Jenner, welcome back to EG. Where are you both currently?

Sydney Blu: Hello again! I am in Toronto, staring out my window at the snow, dreaming of a vacation.

Jenner: Hi! I am in my studio in Toronto, Canada.

EG: Congratulations on your upcoming release on Katermukke! Can you share the story behind this collaboration and what inspired the tracks on this EP?

Sydney Blu: We are good friends and decided to hit the studio! It was really fun making the EP and we are excited for the world to hear it.

Jenner: Thanks so much – I am super excited! I used to go see Sydney play at Footwork, Toronto all the time back in the day and really admired her for being such a boss lady when there weren’t that many female DJs at that time. Over the years, we became really good friends, played together, and cheered each other on. It was just a natural progression to begin producing together.

EG: What did you like about collaborating with each other? Was it smooth sailing and did you find any rough patches along the way?

Sydney Blu: It was smooth sailing. We would work in the evenings, and grab dinner, it was lovely.

Jenner: Honestly, it was all smooth sailing! I really liked that it was so easy to work together. Let’s just say that there was never a dull moment and we had a lot of fun.

EG: What do you think is the secret to a good collaboration?

Sydney Blu: Getting along, no egos, and flexibility.

Jenner: Respecting each other’s unique style and taste and keeping an open mind.

EG: Speaking about each other, what unique elements does each of you bring to the table?

Sydney: Jenner loves melodic house even more than I do and I think she’s picky about it, which is a good thing.

Jenner: I think Sydney brings a wealth of knowledge/experience and her exceptional repertoire of musical taste.

“Over the years, we became really good friends, played together, and cheered each other on”

EG: Both of you have extensive experience with live performances. How does the energy of a live audience influence your creative process, and do you find it translates differently to a virtual setting?

Sydney Blu: I think being able to test the records out in a live environment is key. We definitely did this with the songs.

Jenner: There’s nothing like a live audience that is totally into the music! There’s no comparison. The energy and the vibe create magic on the dance floor and transcend all understanding.

EG: Sydney, with your advocacy work, and Jenner, with your involvement in virtual events, how do you envision your roles in shaping the future of the electronic music community, especially in supporting underrepresented voices?

Sydney Blu: I want to get as many women and gender non-conforming producers making music and signed to labels as possible through my ‘Change the Beat’ organization. This is how I give back to help equalize the industry.

Jenner: My goal has always been to create a space that inspires people to love and live their best lives through music! I hope that I inspire other female artists and 2SLGBTQI+ in following their dreams.

EG: As successful artists individually, how do you view the importance of collaborations like these in the growth of artists, and what advice do you have for emerging producers seeking meaningful collaborative experiences?

Sydney Blu: I think it’s important because you learn how different artists approach things and it teaches you how to compromise.

Jenner: It is so important to work and collaborate with other artists. You learn so much from each other. My best advice would be to seek out other artists who have a similar sound and make a connection and hopefully that will lead to future projects together.

EG: Looking into music promotion. What’s your take on Social Media and how artists are using it? Does it add to the music industry?

Sydney Blu: Yes, it adds to the music industry but I think as individuals it can be mentally draining. It’s important to use social media to get your music seen and heard in different parts of the world however if you are doom scrolling all the time this is not healthy.

Jenner: Social Media is here to stay and if you don’t use it, you won’t get that far. I think that there are pros and cons to Social Media. It’s great for promotion but on the downside, there are many talented DJs/producers who do not get the same recognition simply because they are not good on Social Media. It just seems like it was more about the music and how the DJ played the music prior to Social Media and now it is more about the look of the DJ.

“I want to get as many women and gender non-conforming producers making music and signed to labels as possible”

EG: Given the times we are living in. Should artists be more vocal about social and political subjects?

Sydney Blu: This is totally up to the individual. I am not political except when fighting for diversity in the dance industry!

Jenner: That’s a tough question. It’s really up to the individual person/artist. I don’t share my social or political views as I prefer to spread happiness and not division.

EG: Thank you both for your time and all the best.

Sydney: Thank you again…..always good to be connected to Electronic Groove.

Jenner: Thanks so much for having us!

Sydney Blu and Jenner’s ‘Release’ is out now via Katermukke. Stream and download here.

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