New album ‘leo’ marks Callan Alexander’s debut as 44 Ardent

New album ‘leo’ marks Callan Alexander’s debut as 44 Ardent

Now available through Mammal Sounds Records.

Photo credit: 44 Ardent – Official

Australian artist Callan Alexander, known by his stage name cln, has recently released his latest album titled ‘leo’. This milestone marks the debut of his new alias, 44 Ardent, which is now available through Mammal Sounds Records.

Originally conceived as a secret side project in 2018, 44 Ardent allowed Callan to explore his passion for electronic and dance-focused music, while his main project, cln, delved into the realms of alternative indie/pop.

‘leo’ is a 14-track album that showcases an eclectic fusion of genres and styles, reflecting the artist’s exploration of electronic music throughout the year.

In regards to ‘leo,’ Callan Alexander explained, “This album represents the culmination of my work as 44 Ardent over the past year. I have noticed that many successful producers focus on generating numerous quick ideas and then refine only the best ones. I have adopted a similar approach, creating a surplus of music and refining only the ideas that truly resonate with me. ‘leo’ is the result of this process, featuring a diverse mix of genres and styles, intentionally avoiding confinement to a specific sound.”

Listen to ‘leo’ below and download your copy here.

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