New EP ‘Space And Time’ by Irish producer Glenn Davis

New EP ‘Space And Time’ by Irish producer Glenn Davis

Now available via Ascension on Wax.

Photo credit: Maurice Thomas

Irish producer Glenn Davis has recently released his latest EP, ‘Space And Time’, through the Berlin-based imprint Ascension on Wax.

The ‘Space And Time’ EP  consists of four tracks. The title track, ‘Space And Time,’ and ‘Party With Me’ set the tone with their vocals and deep house keys. ‘Space And Time’ is perfect for early night sets, while ‘Party With Me’ is a dance floor anthem guaranteed to get the crowd moving.

The EP continues with ‘Girl U Gotta’ and a remix of the same track by jazz musician, sound engineer, and producer Mark Hand. ‘Girl U Gotta’ samples Aretha Franklin, infusing the song with elements of the 90s house sound. Mark Hand’s remix takes the track to new heights with crafted jazz keys.

Ascension on Wax is also releasing a limited edition special pressing of the ‘Space And Time’ EP  in a gatefold format, in partnership with the late artist Dan Graham. This exclusive edition will be available on the label’s  Bandcamp page on a first-come, first-served basis.

Listen to ‘Space And Time’ below and download your copy here.

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