neXup’s Max Dean drops new ‘In You’ EP

neXup’s Max Dean drops new ‘In You’ EP

Featuring wAFF on remix duties.

Photo credit: Max Dean – Official

Max Dean, the lead singer of neXup, has recently released his latest EP, titled ‘In You’. The album is now available on Richy Ahmed’s Four Thirty Two label.

The EP begins with the title track, ‘In You’, which highlights Max’s house vibes and fusion of lively grooves and strong musical elements. Following that, wAFF’s remix of ‘In You’ adds another outstanding display to the EP. With rolling drums and a rhythmic bassline, the track builds up with subtle tonal features, well-placed vocals, and seamless transitions.

Max’s second-to-last track, ‘Inside’, maintains the EP’s energetic flow with its bumpy, quirky, and effortless vibe. Lastly, the EP concludes with ‘Free NRG’, a collaboration between Max and Dmosto.

Listen to the ‘In You’ EP below and download your copy here.

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