Nick Morgan steps up with the latest Rumors release

Nick Morgan steps up with the latest Rumors release

A two-track music affair.

Photo credit: Nick Morgan – Instagram

Under the guidance of Israeli DJ and producer Guy Gerber, his Rumors imprint just presented its latest offering from Canadian artist Nick Morgan, releasing ‘Bass Bousa’, and ‘Want You’.

‘Bass Bousa’ captivates as a deep house journey set at a moderate tempo. Adorned with expressive synths and heartfelt melodies, it carries a distinctive rhythm that has global appeal. Morgan shares his admiration for the rhythms and melodies of Arabic music as the inspiration behind the track. He says, “The allure of Arabic music has always captivated me. I aspired to blend the rich musical traditions of the Middle East with my own electronic sound.”

The second track, ‘Want You’, started off as a straightforward voice-note concept. It sets off with a stripped-back rhythm, melded with airy vocal elements and crisp percussive patterns. While maintaining its rhythm, it progressively integrates prominent Middle Eastern melodic tones.

Listen to ‘Bass Bousa’ and ‘Want You’ below and download your copy here.

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